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د اورغوځېدنې ډولونه چې ځلځله رامنځته کوي.
Every 4 hours aftershocks and traumatizing sensation of huge stones falling in Gyan district of Paktika province need urgent attention of the world seismic experts    پښتو
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2022-06-29 00:00:00 Solar 1401-04-07 00:00:00
Something urgent has come up that I wanted to share with all, according to local sources in Gyan district of Paktika province in Afghanistan which was recently hit by a devastating earth quake on the night of the 21st June, people are experiencing aftershocks every other 4 hours accompanied by very
loud traumatizing bangs of huge stones falling down somewhere in the earth.People are very afraid we request all seismic experts for help and advise.

Experts should study these aftershocks and loud bangs whether they are alarms of another upcoming earthquake, volcano eruption or something else?

Kindly advise and share this news.
Noor Rahmnan Liwal