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My recommendation for #OIC4Afg
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Recommendations for #OIC4Afg to end crisis in Afghanistan پښتو
2021-12-18 00:00:00 Solar 1400-09-28 00:00:00
We #Afghans admire sincere efforts of the Foreign Ministers' conference #OIC4Afg addressing the crisis in Afghanistan. We call upon @OIC_OCI great 57 member nations, kindly find ways for political settlement and business relations with #Afghanistan, aid is a short term solution and can't end the crisis.
Many non-members are invited @OIC_OCI and @OICatUN must insure #India is invited to #OIC4Afg. #India' 200 million Muslim population is nearly equivalent to population of #Pakistan. Request #OIC4Afg also to stop #Pakistan from bullying others in Afghanistan. Call upon the @PMOIndia and @IndianEmbKabul must try to participate and continue help Afghans.
World's political stalemate with #Afghanistan is core of the current crisis. Best approach for #OIC4Afg & @OIC_OCI respected members is: Accept current #Taliban #interim_government for 3 years. Condition Tali.ban to become political party & let other political parties in country. Work together on the governance form and its selection process, finally have a government that most agree on.
Noor Rahman Liwal #nrliwal