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World Bank divert $400 million of #ARTF to #COVID19World Bank divert $400 million of #ARTF to #COVID19
World Bank divert $400 million of #ARTF to #COVID19    پښتو
2020-07-01 00:00:00 Solar 1399-04-11 00:00:00
#AfghansRejectIMFLoan, World Bank divert $400 million of #ARTF to #COVID19 no need to spend $400 millions on building websites (1), biometric Government employees (2) and make copy paste policies form Internet in municipality and ministries, these activities are done several times!
Also tell Afghan people what is the balance of http://ARTF.AF over $10 billion donated by 34 countries from 2001 till today?
1-Liwal Good Governance Program can give it for free all governmental institutions see
2-e-Tazkir Project spend $120 millions and five other ministries + Independnet election commission $50 millions recenly read more
https://www.noorrahmanliwal.com/tkk/?gnh=637&zbh=ps .