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Quick relief from the Afghanistan nightmare, Noor Rahman Liwal' open letter to G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Meeting on Afghanistan #humanitarianFreeZone #G20
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Quick relief from the Afghanistan nightmare, Noor Rahman Liwal' open letter to G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Meeting on Afghanistan #humanitarianFreeZone #G20
2021-10-12 00:00:00 Solar 1400-07-21 00:00:00
Your Excellency Mario Draghi and G20 leaders,

Thank you all, respected G20 leaders for convening and by giving your precious time for the G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Meeting on Afghanistan.

Politically, innocent Afghan people are sandwiched between Taliban & the world, as relief from this nightmare. I would like to bring to your kind attention an immediate fix to meet the humanitarian needs and long term political solution to enable Afghanistan to become a supportive member of international community:


To over come the dilemma, the best approach for G20 leaders will be to support the establishment of a humanitarian Free Zone inside Afghanistan and from there support the disbursement and management of humanitarian assistance. For transparency in addition to Taliban government and international NGO' empower Afghan civil society and private sector in management & monitoring of funds based on open governance. Also the assistance should focus on income generation program rather than simply feeding the hungry and making them more and more dependent on the aid. If required I will be pleased to submit a comprehensive proposal for due consideration.

It is very import to know, if aid is channeled through neighboring countries, it will lead to more Afghan migration to those countries and from there to the world, therefore, it is very important to assist people inside Afghanistan.

We request respected G20 Leaders to support the following to enable Afghanistan politically become a supportive member of international community rather than craving for support and dependency:

A- Condition Taliban to become a political party and create legislation for others to form political parties. Quickly Taliban and other political parties should create laws for a safe environment for constructive political opposition.

B- Due to lack of strong national political parties the concept of inclusive government based on ethnicity and religious belief in #Afghanistan has been counterproductive specially for the past 40 years. Condition Taliban to form a government of professional & committed people to create localized bureaucracy of governance and constructive opposition. For this to happen, along with devoted Taliban members, impartial professional Afghans should be appointed as cabinet members.

Due to it's geopolitical position, Afghanistan remains center of world politics for centuries. To benefit all & prevent clashes, we need to create political conditions to enable Afghanistan to create rules for geopolitical routing and to avoid clash of interest.

Looking forward for your consideration

Thank you and all the best from Afghanistan

Noor Rahman Liwal
Presidential Candidate 2019