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Noor Rahman Liwal, Presidential Candidate Eid Message And 10 Action Plans For Peace And Progress
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Greetings respected countrymen!

Happy Eid, I know that many fellow countrymen are in a state of mourning due to imposed political conditions in the country. May Allah give them many rewards, I am very sad for their pain and losses. Hopefully, this Eid be peaceful and prosperous. Fortunately, all sides are talking peace, but for ever-lasting peace, independence and self-sufficiency we require great reforms at the national, government and state levels which can come through my programs. I am happy to share the brief of these programs as follows:

1- Two shift government: For justice and eradication of corruption, two shift government will be established, current government employees will remain, and new appointments will be made for the second shift.

2- Digital governance: Access to government facilities from home and elevate existing 30% governance capacity to 80%.

3- Job Creation: Creation of one million new jobs within the first thirty days of Liwal government. Second million new jobs within three months by bringing reforms in the state affairs. Five million new jobs by third year, and totally ten million new jobs by the fifth year of Liwal government.

4- For Enduring independence: Out of the 85,000 goods, skills, products, facilities and services needed by the nation. Presently, 25% are provided or produced within the country, Liwal commitment and programs to provide 80% of them within the country.

5- Return of Refugees: For repatriation of Afghan refugees from neighboring countries, provision of jobs, housing and land within the country in six months.

6- Home security: Declare general amnesty, on the site trial of kidnapping and theft punishment with imprisonment and hard labor.

7- National Solidarity: In the first three months, launch an accurate census and complete it using modern technologies.

8- For self-sufficiency: Increase Spending of the national budget on agriculture / livestock, health and security affairs. As a result, nation will be self-sufficient by vegetables in two months, poultry in three months, grains in one year and meat in two years.

9- Protection and national security: Initiate the parallel progress of conscription and professional forces, increasing resources for the support of troops and their families.

10- Facilitating education: Increasing the current literacy rate from 25% to 80% with the help of open and distance education, increasing resources for the support of teachers and their families.
These ten actions plans will facilitate justice and meet the governance needs of the nation, which will eventually end the war. My recommendation is to dismiss the propaganda's of foreigners who say, "votes are not important and the president is imposed by foreigners". Actively participate in political decision making, join freedom loving politician like us and support us. Believe in us and Join us for everlasting peace, independence and self-sufficiency.
Our victory will be the victory of every Afghan,
Long live Afghanistan,
Noor Rahman Liwal,
2019 Presidential Candidate