Awakening & Reconciliation from An Afghan Perspective – Noor Rahman Liwal’s European Countries Mission 2018
In the wake of the present global and regional developments; the challenges and opportunities offered by the rise of multipolar world and right-wing politics. While considering Europeans as natural allies of Afghanistan, who bomb Afghans, pay, train, gather and elect Afghans and even kill Afghans and their own children for the benefit of Afghans! Are we not asking or they are not concerned, what we want? Are Afghans thankful, critical or consider these efforts helpful or adversary enough as an act of enemy. This summer I am starting my mission called “Awakening & Reconciliation from An Afghan Perspective” will be contacting, meeting and even challenging European elites, leaders and officials. Looking forward to the advice and cooperation of friends specially those residing in Europe for: Which countries are important to be contacted, visited? Whom to meet and what should be discussed? If needed, who can host a joint meeting of Afghans and Europeans and where?