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افغانستان کې څنګه #ځلځلې_ته _ټينګ کورونه جوړولاى شو
How to build #earthquakeproof houses    پښتو فارسی
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2022-06-25 00:00:00 Solar 1401-04-03 00:00:00
The most important help to the victims of earthquake is giving them the know-how of building earthquake proof houses. We are located in an earthquake zones, but building earthquake resistant house it is not part of the government policy or our tradition. With little structural and design changes, we can building houses from stone, straw, mud, wood and other locally available materials and save people from personal and financial losses.

Enthusiasts and those involved in construction are invited to share their professional and experimental writings, books, videos and other contents for publication in the special "How to build #earthquakeproof houses" in Afghanistan website with Eng. Mirwais Liwal and save the countrymen from the damages and calamities of earthquakes.

Noor Rahman Liwal