لېوال وړانديزونه
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Without Perfection, independence is a great slavery
The the of the didn't see their imminent today, they didn't even see it yesterday. They need money yesterday, they need money to go to urdu today. Our problem is that we give money to cash, more innovation yesterday and we haven't been able to do it today. O Respected Afghans: The wealth of sweet weather, sweet water, sweet soil and some of them are sweet food that we have, we have four mwsmwnh that are important to grow, save and live. The people of Afghanistan have a lot of religions and religions, but the politics and religion are not in conflict, we have to see that we have a religion and two religion that the second jʿfryh is in a leak. Don't be afraid and don't be able to do it. Our politics is in differences and coup plus. The Rich country looks poor. Oh my flower, the treasure of the treasures of the country. May God protect you from the culture of the country and save us from other countries. Mr. Khushal Khan's writing is the emotional and complete independence of the king. Some of ghani's perfection and emotional period are better than aman khan. When Shah Amanullah Ghazi started an exile in a boat with his wife, a German journalist was interviewed by a German journalist who said: " I am not reckless and tkẖy̰ly man. I wanted to compromise and compromise with the scholars, but they were not ready to listen to a new speech, even they did not accept normal technical and necessary things. For example, they have the phone to discover the devil's discovery and refusal. I would have given them the phone line between Mickey and mdy̰ny mnwrې, but they would have rejected it because otherwise Islam has been distorted. The hospital has made me an example, because the only way to protect the disease from diseases is that the paper that is written in the Qur ' an is written on it or it will put the pillow under the pillow. Regular tax is not accepted, because it has been violated by God's grace, because of their opinion, God has not said anything like this. They had a hard fight against the passport and id cards, so that men should take a picture, like in the whole world, the scholars will say if someone took a picture, in a day, month or year. Be Dead. They would have come to the police, and the offer would have been done, but the picture would not be taken. There was a struggle in such circumstances. I should have made a ځwạḵmnh and trusted urdu in the first place. But I would like to make a lot of money in Afghanistan. What would i have done so much money in the country? But I wish I had more than one year. After the request of Afghans in Kabul, this text is from the Dutch. It is the first time that I have pashto.