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Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Kurdistan are the injuries of Asia.
2014-03-20 10:24:15 Solar 1441-01-01 10:24:15
As long as Pakistan's balochistan and pakhtunkhwa are near the border, Punjab and the river will be solved, neither the problems of Pakistan will be solved, neither Afghanistan, nor the region or the world.
The basic problem is that the punjab and the river have a lot of difference between the pashtoons and the development of Punjab and the river.
What is the effort and investment of Pakistan for the pakistani nsẖnlyzm (Pakistani tribe) for an and service, if he is wḵạwry for the ạbạdwlw and Punjab, we will be a yyạwړy̱ and mạډrn Muslim brother Pakistan, a We are proud of ourselves and balochistan. We are ready to cooperate with NATO.
But in the whole area we are hunting for the right distribution of lies and liars. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pakistan and pakistan have been killed for years. And for the sake of Kurdistan, Iran, Turkey, turkey and Arab are in Syria. This area can't be seen by the people who can understand their rights.
So I am like Durand Line and I don't have the same line.