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Appeal to Afghanistan donor community: Support fund implimenting based on wealth distribution to save lives millions innocent lives in Afghanistan.
For the past 19 years billions phantom aid are donated to Afghanistan generously by the international community. The allocation and disbursement of these funds were managed by aid bodies of the respected countries. Afghan reconstruction trust fund, Afghan government and united nation agencies and the Afghanistan government.

The main benefiiaries of the fund was the Afghanistan government institutions utilizing the
aid never reached the intended recipients and got washed in mid way between the parties. The aid has not helped ease poverty or improve economic and living conditions of the common Afghans instead the main beneficeries of fund are few hundred individval Afghans and non-Afghans alike, as result Afghanistan become the least peafull country, the least develolped ranked below 170 in the Human development Index, the least educated only about 20% can read and write, the most currport country scoring 16 points out of 100 on the 2019 currpiton index perception.

Due to curruption and war as result of curruption made nearly 70% of the population to live below the poerty line, Yet now the Covid-19 is hitting absout majority living on a day on flat breed and water only, if proper measure are not taken imidiatly that bread could also last soon and a human catastropy will emarge which will be historical shame for all those who support the initives of the last two decades.

While 100% of the Aid money is given to a non-representive governments, who are in fight with almost 70% of population and the government rat could nto be extened beyond the city and town centers and fighting still continue in result lost millions of presours lifes. Therefore, it is in the best intereset of all the to chanage the managment and disborsment of the donated funds to save achivments and prevent a pamin and anothe possible social revolt and distrubance in Afghanistan.

Since of article of 8 Feburay 2002 which lead tothe creation of the Afghan reconstruction trust fund recomended in the first part and totaly ignoring the second part "Trust Fund Channel of monitoring and evalution of the trust fund. It is now need of the time to change the fund distribution michanism. Fund granded or dontated should be now governed by representatives of three sectors the public sector i.e Afghan government, the private sector and non-profit sector each of these sectors will have equall share of the fund to be allocated according to their prorities and initives as they dem rquired.

The government will spend its equal share of the budget according to the prorities of the governance and law and order, they will also enjoy the public revienue spending.

Private sector representatives as the scoend party will have itls own share of fund to be prortiezed and managed, for stablishing business development services that are importnat for the sector such initives are not new and experinced under "Matching Grants Projects" already. All activies, intitives and funding undrtaken will be public in nature and national property only slected private sector representativew prorities and manage them volunteerly.

The non-profit sector will set their prorities and spend the funding acording to their initivies and prorities.

This will result in a proper wealth distribution and will stop he phantum aid resouce for which all the factions are fighting on government positions becuase of aid resources.

All three sector reprsentatives will establish a central repository of monitoring and evaluation will be .... to be called the Trust Fund Evaluation and Monitoring Unit(TFEMU).